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Whipray Caye

Whipray Caye is a very small private island located eight miles off the coast of Placencia, Belize, Central America.

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Owned and operated by Daniel Cabral. Whipray Caye Lodge is custom made for serious salt-water fishermen and the independent traveler wanting to step away from everyday stress into a pure and natural world - where the fast pace comes to a splashing halt.

This is a very remote and unspoiled area - one of the few remaining in the Western Hemisphere. With warm smiles and ice cold Belikins at the ready, Daniel and his staff make it very easy to unwind and adjust to the slow rhythms of island life.

A charming little island getaway, Whipray Caye (Whippari on some charts) is surrounded by some of the finest permit waters found anywhere as well as an abundance of snorkeling-worthy coral and sea life.

Nine miles off the coast of the Placencia, a fishing village in southern Belize that's becoming a popular vacation destination, the Whipray Caye Lodge attracts anglers who want to forget their lives back home—at least for a few days. Though this private island hideaway caters to a high-end clientele. "Guests come in at the end of the day, have dinner and talk about—fish," says Daniel Cabral, a well know guide, who owns the lodge. It doesn't take long for guests to get in the groove. "Everyone gets on 'caye time' very quickly: They're up just before dawn… fish all day, eat dinner and go to bed usually well before 9 p.m."

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Whipray Caye

Whipray Caye Fishing Lodge

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