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Fishing Gear

Snook, Permit, Tarpon

Tarpon and Snook

Clouser Half and Half: Size 3/0 and 4/0, bring two each of olive with lots of flash tied on a 3/0 and 4/0 hook and, brown with lots of flash tied on a 3/0 and 4/0 hook

  • Berke's Juvineel: Size 1/0, bring 2
  • Cockroach: Size 3/0, bring two grisly colored
  • Black Death (black and red cockroach): Size 3/0, bring 2
  • Bluewater Mullet: Size 4/0, bring 2
  • Crystal Poppers: 1 each
  • Pencil Popper (2/0)
  • Maxi Popper (2/0)
  • Mini Popper (1/0)
  • Surf Candy: Popovic's Deep Candy Bendback, Size 2/0, bring 2
  • Gummy Minnows: all colors
  • (Note: Bring the same flies for juvenile tarpon, but tie them on 1/0 and 2/0 hooks.)


Bauer's Fur Crab: Size 4 hook, one each of tan and olive

Enrico Puglisi Crab: Size 4 hook, bring one

Palometa Crab: Size 4 hook if possible (size 2 otherwise), one tan

Mangrove Critter: Size 3 or 4 hook, if possible (the 1/0 is very big and splashes), bring 2

Del's Merkin: Try to find the legs tied in green and orange (same leg colors as the olive Turneffe Crab), bring 2

McCrab: Size 4 hook, bring 2

Turneffe Crab: Size 6, bring 3 olives

Del's Merkin: Size 4 hook, bring 2


Rod: 7-9 weight

Line: 7-9 weight floating line (depending on size of rod), 9-12' bonefish leaders, 10-12# tippet


Boggle Head: Size 6 hook, 2 each of olive and tan

Bonefish Bitters: Size 6 and 8 hooks, bring two each (one of each size) of olive and orange

Bone Shrimp: Size 4 hook, bring 2

Flash Shrimp: Size 6 hook, bring 2

Squimp: Size 6 hook, bring 2

Bonefish Clouser: Size 4 hook, bring 2 each of chartreuse and olive (if you can find or tie in olive)

Other Gear

Lightweight long-sleeved shirt and pants (at least 1 pair each - quick-drying nylon is best)

Special dietary needs (will be difficult to locate in Placencia)

Light-weight rain gear (disposable poncho ok)

Dark, light-weight t-shirts

Polarized sunglasses. Sunglasses should fit tightly to block UVR from the sides and have lenses large enough to cover the entire eye area, including eye lids. Copper or amber are the best colors if you're only bringing one pair - color is irrelevant in terms of UV ratings.

Neoprene flats wading boots (for the flats)

"Broad spectrum" sunscreen containing zinc oxide, minimum SPF 15 rating (total sunblock isn't a bad idea for the first few days on the water)

Insect Repellent (Deep Woods Off)

Hat with a minimum 3" brim (check the hats offered by Watership Trading Company)

Prescription and over-the-counter medication (Placencia now has a pharmacy, but still best to bring your own)

Camera and film (film is expensive in Belize, bring plenty from home or bring your digital and rechargeable batteries and charger) (an underwater camera can also be fun - the disposables aren't bad, either)

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