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Sustainable Tourism

We consider ourselves GREEN:

Eco-design – The cabanas have been built using locally manufactured and sourced materials, to a spacious design intended to reduce energy consumption. There are wooden louver windows for through ventilation from the cooling breeze and an insulated roof to accommodate a cool stay.

Eco-Energy – These eco-friendly accommodations are powered by renewable energy sources, with solar panels providing 12v energy to guest rooms and generator-assisted 110v power supplied to Cabanas for US type 2 flat pin power outlets, night-time battery-recharging and ceiling fans.

Conservation - Guests enjoy pure rainwater showers collected in storage tanks during the rainy season, and are encouraged to help conserve water during our busy season (“Water is Precious on Whipray Caye”) by taking “camp-showers” lasting less than 3 minutes!

Ecological sustainability – Whipray Caye Lodge recycles some of its waste, harvests rain water for optional drinking and has its own simple grey/black water septic/sludge treatment systems. Guests are encouraged to recycle paper and recycling of glass bottles is normal. Plastic, bottles and trash are removed to the village for recycling and disposal.

Community – This micro-resort, nine miles off the coast of the Placencia Peninsula, is locally owned and operated. All taxes are paid locally – as much as possible profits remain in Placencia. When needed, Whipray employs local staff under excellent terms and conditions including paying more than minimum wage, Social Security insurance payments, plus days off each week.

The owners are members of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), and have worked with CORAL in their ICRAN/MAR projects which resulted in mooring bouys being installed at various dive and snorkeling sites, including 2 at Whipray Caye. Beverly serves on the Board of the local Placencia chapter, as well as having served on the National BTIA board of directors. She also serves as Board Member of Friends of Nature Belize, whose mission is to preserve and protect the protected zones of the waters inside the World Heritage Alliance-protected Belize Barrier Reef near Placencia; and its reserves, Gladden Spit and the whale sharks that visit each year, as well as Laughing Bird Caye Marine Reserve.

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